Fun Day 2019 Stall Information, Guidelines & Booking Form

This year’s fun day will be holding on Saturday the 30th of March 2019. If you would like to book a stall, please complete and return this form at the school front desk/bank or a wireless transfer.

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Terms & Conditions

General Guidelines

Please note the following;

• All products on sale must be of an appropriate nature for a family fun day.
• Stall holders will be provided with a table and 2 chairs.
• All Food and Non-Food stall applications will be selected to give variety and avoid over supply.
• Stalls will be allocated on a ‘First come, first served’ basis to ensure fairness and transparency.
• Stall holders must adhere to directions from the fun day organizers.


Electricity & Power Use

No Generators
Electricity will be provided for lighting purposes but stall owners should bring power leads for any additional electricity requirements.

Power cords and electrical equipment should be in good condition, any power cords posing a
risk will not be allowed.

Trading Hours

Please note that stall holders will be expected to set up all items for sale before 8.00am on the event day and are required to continue trading for the entire period booked.

All goods must arrive at the venue before 8am on the event day and must be brought in through
the designated goods/trade entrance.


Street Selling/Hawking

Stall sharing is strictly prohibited. Any stall owner who allows their stalls to be shared will have their goods confiscated. This will allow a fair sense of play for all attending vendors. All items that will be sold by the main vendor should be clearly listed on the booking form. No new products/services may be added after submission of the booking form. Any goods contrary to those listed and approved on the form will be confiscated.

Stall Application Form

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