We provide a carefully planned and unique teaching programme that caters fully to the requirements of the New British National Curriculum.
Subjects taught under the new British Curriculum (Core Subjects) Foundation Subjects
English (Literacy) Modern Foreign Languages
Math (Numeracy) Art and Craft
Science Music
Computing Humanities
  Physical Education
  Design and Technology
  Religious Education

The British Curriculum aims at getting children ready for Standard Attainment Tests (SATS) at the end of Year 6.

School Day

School Day Starts – 8am ends 2pm
After School Clubs Starts 2pm – 3pm
After School Care Starts 2pm – 6pm

There will be late pick up charge from 2.30pm – 6.30pm

Year One 5 – 6 Years
Year Two 6 – 7 Years
Year Three 7 – 8 Years
Year Four 8 – 9 Years
Year Five 9 – 10 Years
Year Six 10 – 11 Years
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