At the Riverbank School, we offer our children a range of experiences aimed at enhancing their learning and stirring up their national and international identity.

Our vision is to be a global centre of excellence and we constantly strive to exude this in our teaching strategies, curriculum and school community.

The rich heritage represented in our school and the exposure of our children to international competitions, has helped the children to understand global inter-dependencies and respect for different cultures and beliefs.

Our constant desire to improve and grow in excellence led to our registering for the international school award. The impact that all the activities had on the entire school community has been mind-blowing.

The children have developed skills to help with conflict management and resolution, learnt about human rights and celebrating languages and cultures. They have also learnt how to play a part in solving environmental issues and develop cross-curricula themes. All of these skills have helped validate the school as a global learning centre.

Attaining the international school award has been enabling us to continue refining our standards and supporting us in our quest for excellence.

We will not rest on our oars and ensure that we continue to provide the children and staff with a

 wider variety of international experiences, raising opportunities for the promotion of racial equality and encourage greater involvement in worldwide issues.

We are thankful to the British Council for enabling us as a school to gain such rich international exposure and we are excited to continue to raise excellent global citizens in our school community.


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