After School Activities

We offer a wide range of extra curricular activities in Sports, Art, Science and Technology.


The Dance Club is designed to help the children find and nurture their creative flair. With classes that use the elements of the performing arts (dance, drama and music).

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Stories and Rhyme

Stories and rhyme club exposes the children to a wide range of traditional stories and rhymes. The children learn new words and how to express themselves.

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Computing / ICT

An educational and fun group where children learn computing skills needed for the 21st century. Pupils will learn to code, create games using technological tools.

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Football develops agility, speed and stamina and also teaches children the importance of teamwork. It also helps children’s physical and social development.

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Ballet helps children develop co-ordination of mind and body. This term, we will nurture their ability to focus and maintain intense concentration.

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Swimming is a life skill that energizes the whole body, helping it to keep it fit in a wholesome way! It develops their muscles and aids safety in days of danger.

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The Violin is the standard feature of every Orchestra. Learning to play the violin helps to develop fine motor skills as well as concentration.

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Chess is a board game with essential ways of helping children grow mentally. It improves concentration and memory. This term we will be learning the ability.

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